Snowy Race By April Jones Prince

Back of Book: This timeless seasonal classic captures the thrill of snow and the warmth of family. In the midst of a whirling snowfall, a girl and her father pile into their big red snow plow. Through slippery streets, up winding hills, they race– clearing the snow and heading for the train station to meetContinue reading “Snowy Race By April Jones Prince”

A Day for Skating By Sarah Sullivan

Back of Book: On a brisk winter’s day, the frozen pond is crisscrossed by figure skaters, hockey players, new skaters, and old pros, all gliding across the ice. It’s time to bundle up, lace your skates, and give it a try — then head inside for cocoa and snacks when your cheeks grow rosy andContinue reading “A Day for Skating By Sarah Sullivan”

Just So Willow By Sara Shacter

Back of Book: Willow is a polar bear who likes things just so. She even irons her underwear and tidies her teacher! So when a storm covers her backyard in a smooth blanket of snow, she’s determined to keep it that way—in spite of all the other kids creating a lumpy, bumpy mess. Will WillowContinue reading “Just So Willow By Sara Shacter”

When the Snow Is Deeper Than My Boots Are Tall By Jean Reidy

Back of Book: As the snow climbs over a boy’s toes, ankles, shins, and boots, there’s more and more fun to be had―snowmen, sledding, snow angels, and, finally, a cup of hot cocoa by a warm fire. My Review: I was sent a copy of this picture book from Henry Holt and Company in exchangeContinue reading “When the Snow Is Deeper Than My Boots Are Tall By Jean Reidy”

A Year with Mama Earth by Rebecca Grabill

Back of Book: In September, Mama Earth sighs out the first autumn frost, which crunches under children’s feet. Mama Earth looks after nature’s plants and animals throughout the year—singing lullabies to fat bears in the fall, dressing evergreens in icicles in winter, and waking up the crocuses in spring. And in the summer, Mama EarthContinue reading “A Year with Mama Earth by Rebecca Grabill”

When the Snow Falls By Linda Booth Sweeney

Back of Book: With sparkling flakes calling from outside, this sister and brother bundle up for an outdoor adventure with Grandma. In the hushed woods, they see and hear wildlife thriving under a new blanket of snow. In the bustle of town, they help their grateful Grandpa dig out. Then, it’s time to get sledding!Continue reading “When the Snow Falls By Linda Booth Sweeney”

Snowball Moon by Fran Cannon Slayton

Back of Book: On a quiet snowy night, the lights go out, and the bright snowball moon outside illuminates everything. Two children meet up with some of their neighborhood friends to have fun in the snow sledding, building snow forts, and having snowball fights. They then go back inside to warm up by the fireContinue reading “Snowball Moon by Fran Cannon Slayton”

The First Day of Winter By Denise Fleming

Back of Book: Alive with swirling snow and lots of outdoor fun, the first ten days of winter bring special gifts for a special friend. This cumulative tale will have children chanting along as they discover all the trimmings needed for the most perfect snowman ever! My Review: I love that this book uses theContinue reading “The First Day of Winter By Denise Fleming”