First Snow by Nancy Viau


Back of Book:
Snowflakes falling! What a treat! Friends gather outside to celebrate the first snowfall of the season with snowball fights, sledding, building igloos, drinking hot chocolate, and making the most of a windy, wintry day. With rhyming text and cheerful illustrations, this is a charming celebration of the winter season.
My Review:
I was sent a copy of this book from author Nancy Viau in exchange for an honest review.
Summer is almost over and with it comes the promise of snow. Although I live in Southern California I am in love with snow. This adorable picture book shows the joy and excitement of the first snowfall of the winter season. The text is simple and perfect to share with the littlest learners. The text also rhymes which is perfect way to show children how language works. The story follows several children as they enjoy the aspects of playing in the snow. They build snow men, go sledding, and have snowball fights. The illustrations are simply adorable! The colors are bright and show a diverse group of children playing together. I am so excited to share this story with my students this year.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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The Man Who Named the Clouds By Julie Hannah and Joan Holub


Back of Book: In 1782, when Luke Howard was ten, he began keeping a weather journal to describe what he saw in the sky–he especially loved to watch the clouds. He grew up to be the man who named the clouds.

My Review:

During my weather unit, one of my students asked a very intriguing question. Who named the clouds? I thought that it was a perfect question to explore. I began to look up information on who named the clouds. What I found was a unique and well written story about the amazing Luke Howard. Luke grew up loving looking up at the sky. As he got older he began to keep a weather journal so he could make makes notes about the changes and patterns in the sky. One of the things I liked about this story was the example of a student’s weather chart that was integrated within the story. I found this story to be a great book to use as a teaching tool.

Ages 7 and up

40 Pages


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