Over the River and Through the Wood illustrared by Emma Randall

Back of Book: In this stunning paper-over-board picture book, a blustering wind stings the toes and bites the nose, but hearts are warm and there’s lots to eat–for ’tis Thanksgiving Day! Bundle up as you navigate a winter wonderland of sparkling snow-covered trees and adorable woodland creatures in this cherished holiday tale. Coupled with EmmaContinue reading “Over the River and Through the Wood illustrared by Emma Randall”

How to Catch a TurkeyBy Adam Wallace

Back of Book: Thanksgiving time is here again, but there’s a turkey on the run! Can you catch this tricky bird before the school play has begun? My Review: How To Catch a Turkey is another fun addition to Adams fun and popular How to Catch Series. This book follows a turkey as he attemptsContinue reading “How to Catch a TurkeyBy Adam Wallace”

Gracias The Thanksgiving Turkey By Joy Cowley

    When Papa sends a turkey to be fattened up for Thanksgiving, Miguel takes a liking to the friendly bird. Soon, Miguel and Gracias are going everywhere together. But Gracias isn’t a pet-he’s supposed to be a meal! With a little help from Abuelito, Abuelita, and Tia Rosa will Miguel be able to keepContinue reading “Gracias The Thanksgiving Turkey By Joy Cowley”

Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano

Back of Book: Turkey is in trouble. Bad trouble. The kind of trouble where it’s almost Thanksgiving . . . and you’re the main course. But Turkey has an idea–what if he doesn’t look like a turkey? What if he looks like another animal instead? After many hilarious attempts, Turkey comes up with the perfectContinue reading “Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano”

Thanksgiving Rules By Laurie Friedman

Back of Book: Percy Isaac Gifford’s Official Thanksgiving Decree: I officially command you to eat EVERYTHING you see! Percy knows just what to do to get the most out of this delicious holiday. And so will you if you follow his ten simple rules. From “the early bird gets the turkey” to “life is sweeterContinue reading “Thanksgiving Rules By Laurie Friedman”

The Great Thanksgiving Escape by Mark Fearing

Back of Book: It’s another Thanksgiving at Grandma’s. Gavin expects a long day of boredom and being pestered by distantly related toddlers, but his cousin Rhonda has a different idea: make a break for it — out of the kids’ room to the swing set in the backyard! Gavin isn’t so sure, especially when theyContinue reading “The Great Thanksgiving Escape by Mark Fearing”

Duck for Turkey Day By Jacqueline Jules

No Turkey for Thanksgiving Back of Book: When Tuyet finds out her Vietnamese family is having duck rather than turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, she is upset until she finds out that other children in her class did not eat turkey either. My Review: This is the only diverse children’s book that I have in myContinue reading “Duck for Turkey Day By Jacqueline Jules”

The Very Stuffed Turkey by Katharine Kenah

Back of book: A Thanksgiving story featuring a large turkey with a big problem. He’s been invited to EVERYONE’S home for dinner! With five homes to visit — Horse’s, Pig’s, Sheep and Goat’s, Cow’s, and Mouse’s –Turkey knows there’ll be a ton of food to eat. But there’ll also be friends and their families who can’t waitContinue reading “The Very Stuffed Turkey by Katharine Kenah”