Short & Sweet (Volume 4) (Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast) By Josh Funk Illustrated By Brendan Kearney

Back of Book:Lady Pancake is aching; Sir French Toast’s looking pale. Could they be going . . . STALE? Maybe a visit to Professor Biscotti’s lab for her despoiling procedure will help. But instead of beautifying them, Biscotti accidentally transforms the two treats into toddlers! Frightened of the now gargantuan (to them) Baron von Waffle,Continue reading “Short & Sweet (Volume 4) (Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast) By Josh Funk Illustrated By Brendan Kearney”

Are You Eating Candy without Me? By Draga Jenny Malesevic & Charlotte Bruijn

Back of Book:Four different children from three different families ponder what the adults in their lives do during the day. Are they jumping on trampolines? Are they eating cake and ice cream while riding birthday ponies? Are they eating candy with other adults? After a series of hilariously illustrated and wildly imaginative scenarios, readers learnContinue reading “Are You Eating Candy without Me? By Draga Jenny Malesevic & Charlotte Bruijn”

Alien Tomato By Kristen Schroeder & Mette Engell

Back of Book:When a mysterious red orb appears one day, the vegetables aren’t sure what to make of it. They decide that it must be an alien tomato! They name her Allie and try to make her feel as welcome as possible. But Gopher isn’t convinced. He’s sure it’s just a ball.This delightfully silly taleContinue reading “Alien Tomato By Kristen Schroeder & Mette Engell”

I’m Afraid Your Teddy Is In Trouble Today By Jancee Dunn

Back of Book: Have you ever wondered what stuffed animals do while their companion humans are at school? What if a teddy bear invited all his stuffed animal friends over? Imagine the wild party that might ensue. My Review: I absolutely fell in this adorable story about what happens when a teddy bear has aContinue reading “I’m Afraid Your Teddy Is In Trouble Today By Jancee Dunn”

Escargot By Dashka Slater

Back of Book: Bonjour! Escargot is a beautiful French snail who wants only two things: 1. To be your favorite animal. 2. To get to the delicious salad at the end of the book. But when he gets to the salad, he discovers that there’s a carrot in it. And Escargot hates carrots. But whenContinue reading “Escargot By Dashka Slater”

Cookiesaurus Rex By Amy Fellner Dominy

Back of Book: As soon as Cookiesaurus Rex comes out of the oven, he declares that he is King of All Cookies. He should be frosted before all of the standard-shaped cookies, in a nice bright green. But the other cookies are getting sprinkles, or shiny stars, or even gumdrops . . . WAIT ONEContinue reading “Cookiesaurus Rex By Amy Fellner Dominy”

What’s Making Walter C. Laugh? By Ginny Jordan

Back of Book: What’s Making Walter C. Laugh? is a whimsical story. Each page will bring giggles to children and adults as they wonder What is Making Walter C. Laugh? Is it a goldfish dancing with a banana on the kitchen table? Is it a snowman eating pizza in the bathtub? My Review: I wasContinue reading “What’s Making Walter C. Laugh? By Ginny Jordan”