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Juniper Kai: Super Spy by Laura Gehl


Back of Book:

Juniper Kai was born to be a spy. And while spies sometimes work alone, Juniper has always been able to count on her mom and dad to fill in as spy partners. Until now. Suddenly, Juniper’s parents are too busy and too tired to play with her. And when they start whispering behind Juniper’s back and making secret plans, she knows something really big is going on. So Juniper sets out on a new mission: to find out exactly what her parents are up to. And the answer might be absolutely spy-tacular!

My Review: 

I received a copy of this picture book from Two Lions Publishing in exchange for an honest review. 

 Juniper Kai Super Spy is part mystery story and part family story. Juniper Kai feels a shift in her household something strange is going on. It is up to her to figure out what. I loved the steps that Juniper takes to solve the mystery. She uses observation, and code-cracking skills to find out that she is having a new baby sister. The end of the story shows Juniper showing her new sister how to be a successful spy. 

The illustrations by Alexandria Neonakis are fun and full of life. Readers of all ages will fall in love with Juniper and her mystery-solving antics. 

Ages 5 and up

32 Pages 

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Twins: A Picture Book By Mike Ciccotello


Back of Book:
Being a twin is great! Sometimes our friends can’t tell us apart.
A boy and his twin do everything together―leapfrog and piggyback rides, dancing and disagreeing, and everything in between! Their relationship has its ups and downs, but in the end, it’s great knowing there’s someone in their world who is just like them. This charming picture book is a sweet and silly celebration of twinhood―whether you look-alike or not!
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Farrar, Straus, and Giroux in exchange for an honest review.
As a teacher, I have taught several sets of twins. They always have there own individual personalities, but the ties that bind them are strong.
This adorable story by Mike Ciccontello focuses on all the things that make twins special. The text gives several examples of all the ways that twins are similar as well as how they are different.  Mike also stresses the point that even though twins might not always get along, they will always love one another.  Mike was inspired to write this story for his twin boys. The story allows children who do not have a twin see what it is like.  The illustrations are bright and detailed they draw readers into the story.  This is a terrific story to share with twins of all ages. It is also a great read-aloud if you have twins in your classroom.
Ages 4 and up
32 Pages

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Serena: The Littlest Sister by Karlin Gray


Back of Book:
Serena Williams is one of the biggest names in sports, but she grew up the littlest of five girls in her family. While sharing a room and playing tennis with her older sisters, Serena had to figure out how to be her own person―on and off the court. This empowering biography showcases the rise of the youngest Williams sister and how her family played a part in her path to becoming the strong woman and star athlete she is today.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Page Street Publishers in exchange for an honest review.
Serena The Littlest Sister is a fantastic picture book that shows readers the dedication and determination that Serena had to become the greatest tennis player in the United States. The story follows Serena from a young child playing tennis with her sisters to a great champion who won the US Opening. I love that the story focuses on the relationship between the sisters. Venus and Serena never allowed their competitions to come between their bond.
The illustrations by Monica Ahanonu are bold and bright. They capture the intensity and strength of the way Venus and Serena played the game they loved. The back of the book has more information about Serena and her family. This is a great nonfiction picture book and one that should be shared in elementary libraries and classrooms.
Ages 8 and up
40 Pages


My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother By Patricia Polacco


Back of Book: After losing running, climbing, throwing, and burping competitions to her obnoxious older brother, a young girl makes a wish on a falling star but wishes have a funny way of turning out differently then you plan.

My Review:  Anyone who has a brother will understand this story. Brothers can be the most annoying creatures on earth but, they can also be the protector and caregivers. This story talks about how when Patricia Polacco was a little girl she hated her older brother Richard. She couldn’t understand how anyone could like him. One night she makes a wish on a falling star that she can do something, anything better then Richard. After several tries she finally thinks she can beat him at the fair on the marry-go-round. She rides the marry-go-round until she falls and gets hurt. It is up to her brother to save the day.  This is a very sweet story about sibling rivalry and the love that comes with it. Polacco does an excellent job of showing readers a look into the life she lived as a little girl. As with all her stories the illustrations are beautiful and draw a reader in.

Ages 8 and up

32 Pages

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