Ho Ho Homework By Mylisa Larsen

Back of Book: It’s almost Christmas, and Jack’s classroom has a new substitute teacher. There’s something funny about Mr. Clausen—he seems awfully familiar.…Is it his long, white beard? Is it the way his laugh sounds a lot like “Ho, ho, ho”? Or maybe it’s his snack of milk and cookies—reindeer-shaped cookies! Jack’s classmates are convincedContinue reading “Ho Ho Homework By Mylisa Larsen”

Santa’s Secret By Denise Brennan-Nelson

Back of Book: Everyone knows that when Christmas rolls around Santa employs a legion of helpers to ensure the season goes off without a hitch. But between the Santas on parade, the Santas at the malls, and the ones ringing bells in front of busy department stores…one intrepid investigator wants to know exactly WHO theContinue reading “Santa’s Secret By Denise Brennan-Nelson”

The Great Santa Stakeout By Betsy Bird

Back of Book: Oh, is it risky! It’s awfully hard to sneak anything by someone who can see you when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake. That’s why Freddy has been extra good this year . . . at hiding his plans. Will Freddy get away with his delightfully devious scheme to outwit SantaContinue reading “The Great Santa Stakeout By Betsy Bird”