Around the Passover Table by Tracy Newman

Back of Book: The candles are lit, the seder plate filled, and the matzo stacked high. Join in to read, sing, eat, and observe the holiday. The many steps of a Passover seder are portrayed in this rhyming story. My Review: I received a copy of this picture book from author Tracey Newman in exchangeContinue reading “Around the Passover Table by Tracy Newman”

The Matzah Man: A Passover Story by Naomi Howland

Click Here to Buy on Amazon   Back of Book:   In this lively adaptation of “The Gingerbread Boy,” a bold little man made of matzah jumps out of the baker’s oven and leads him and everyone in the neighborhood—all of whom are preparing for Passover—on a merry chase. With colossal chutzpah, the Matzah ManContinue reading “The Matzah Man: A Passover Story by Naomi Howland”

This Is the Matzah by Abby Levine

  Back of Book:   Max and his family prepare to celebrate Passover. In cumulative verse, Max and his sister Ruth shop for matzah in the Passover aisle of the grocery store. The family gathers for the traditional Seder that celebrates this holiday of freedom.   My Review:   I recently found this book andContinue reading “This Is the Matzah by Abby Levine”