Grandpa Grumps By Katrina Moore & Xindi Yan

Back of Book:Daisy’s Yeh-Yeh is visiting for the first time from China, and Daisy is so excited to meet him! She has big plans for all the fun they’ll have together, like tea parties and snow angels, but when Yeh-Yeh arrives, Daisy finds him less jolly than she imagined. Throughout the week, she tries allContinue reading “Grandpa Grumps By Katrina Moore & Xindi Yan”

The Bar Mitzvah Boys By Myron Uhlberg

Back of Book: Grandpa was never bar mitzvahed; it was wartime, and life was difficult. It’s been a regret his whole life. Many years later, it’s his grandson’s time to go through the Jewish ritual of coming of age. The father suggests that they be bar mitzvahed together. They study together, recite together, and celebrateContinue reading “The Bar Mitzvah Boys By Myron Uhlberg”

My Grandma and Me by Mina Javaherbin

Back of Book: While Mina is growing up in Iran, the center of her world is her grandmother. Whether visiting friends next door, going to the mosque for midnight prayers during Ramadan, or taking an imaginary trip around the planets, Mina and her grandma are never far apart. At once deeply personal and utterly universal,Continue reading “My Grandma and Me by Mina Javaherbin”

Grandpa Cacao: A Tale of Chocolate, from Farm to Family By Elizabeth Zunon

Back of Book: Chocolate is the perfect treat, everywhere! As a little girl and her father bake her birthday cake together, Daddy tells the story of her Grandpa Cacao, a farmer from the Ivory Coast in West Africa. In a land where elephants roam and the air is hot and damp, Grandpa Cacao worked inContinue reading “Grandpa Cacao: A Tale of Chocolate, from Farm to Family By Elizabeth Zunon”

When Grandma Gives You a Lemon Tree by Jamie L.B. Deenihan

Back of Book: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” In this imaginative take on that popular saying, a child is surprised (and disappointed) to receive a lemon tree from Grandma for her birthday. After all, she DID ask for a new gadget! But when she follows the narrator’s careful—and funny—instructions, she discovers that theContinue reading “When Grandma Gives You a Lemon Tree by Jamie L.B. Deenihan”

A Gift from Abuela by Cecilia Ruiz

Back of Book: The first time Abuela holds Nina, her heart overflows with tenderness. And as Nina grows up, she and Abuela spend plenty of time together. Abuela can’t help thinking how much she’d like to give Nina a very special treat, so she saves a little bit of her money every week — aContinue reading “A Gift from Abuela by Cecilia Ruiz”

The Bee Tree By Patricia Polacco

Click here to find on Amazon Back of Book: When Mary Ellen gets bored with her reading, Grandpa knows a hunt for a bee tree is just what she needs. Half the town joins the exciting chase, but it’s not until everyone returns home that Mary Ellen makes a discovery of her own: Sometimes, even theContinue reading “The Bee Tree By Patricia Polacco”