Saving Stella: A Dog’s Dramatic Escape from War By Bassel Abou Fakher, Deborah Blumenthal Ilustrated by Nadine Kaadan

Back of Book:Some bonds are stronger than war . . . Life for musician Bassel and his dog Stella in Damascus, Syria, has changed since the civil war began. Instead of enjoying long walks through their neighborhood, they hear bombs toppling buildings and sharp blasts of gunfire through the night. When it becomes too dangerousContinue reading “Saving Stella: A Dog’s Dramatic Escape from War By Bassel Abou Fakher, Deborah Blumenthal Ilustrated by Nadine Kaadan”

Two Dogs on a Trike By Gabi Snyder & Robin Rosenthal

Back of Book:One by one, each dog escapes its yard and joins the adventure in this hilarious counting story. Vehicle-obsessed readers will love seeing all the modes of transportation that the pups use—until the family cat decides to round them all up to go back home.Gabi Snyder’s charming text and Robin Rosenthal’s delightful illustrations areContinue reading “Two Dogs on a Trike By Gabi Snyder & Robin Rosenthal”

Where’d My Jo Go? By Jill Esbaum & Scott Brundage

Back of Book:When trucker Jo hits the open road, her faithful little doggy pal, Big Al, is always with her. The two make a fine traveling team until Big Al gets distracted after a potty break at a rest stop and wanders off. In her rush to get back on the road, Jo doesn’t realizeContinue reading “Where’d My Jo Go? By Jill Esbaum & Scott Brundage”

Dogs and their People By Anne Lambelet

Back of Book: As one girl walks home from school, she loves nothing more than to look at all the people and dogs she passes on the way. There are small people with tall dogs, people, and dogs who share ice cream, and even pairs with matching mustachios. Some people are just like their dogsContinue reading “Dogs and their People By Anne Lambelet”

The Eternal Soldier: The True Story of How a Dog Became a Civil War Hero By Allison Crotzer Kimmel

Back of Book: During the Civil War, Sallie came to the 11th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry as a gift from a townsperson, but she quickly became a favorite among her men. She marched with them from battle to battle, always guarding the unit’s colors, and even met President Lincoln. And over three long days at theContinue reading “The Eternal Soldier: The True Story of How a Dog Became a Civil War Hero By Allison Crotzer Kimmel”

Operation Rescue Dog By Maria Gianferrari

Back of Book: This sweet story about a girl named Alma and a stray dog named Lulu shows how a girl and a dog can rescue each other. Lulu sleeps under the moon, drinking from mud puddles and is covered in ticks until she is rescued. She waits for the Operation Rescue Dog truck, scaredContinue reading “Operation Rescue Dog By Maria Gianferrari”

Owney, the Mail-Pouch Pooch Mona Kerby

Back of Book: One rainy night in 1888, a stray dog wandered into the U.S. Post Office in Albany, New York. Workers found him the next morning asleep on a pile of mail pouches. The dog seemed to like the post office and the smell of the mailbags and the men’s wool uniforms. When noContinue reading “Owney, the Mail-Pouch Pooch Mona Kerby”

Stay: A Girl, a Dog, a Bucket List By Kate Klise

 Back of Book: Eli the dog has been with Astrid since her parents brought her home from the hospital as a baby. Now Astrid is getting older, and so is Eli. Before he slows down too much, Astrid wants to make fun memories with him. So she makes a bucket list for Eli, which includesContinue reading “Stay: A Girl, a Dog, a Bucket List By Kate Klise”

The King’s Taster By Kenneth Oppel

Back of Book: Max is the cook’s dog. And because he is also the king’s taster, Max gets to feast on French Fries! Rose Pudding! Cheese Pie! Pizza! No wonder Max loves his job. Who wouldn’t want to dine on these delicious dishes? The new king, that’s who. And if the new king has hisContinue reading “The King’s Taster By Kenneth Oppel”