Trucker and Train By Hannah Stark

Back of Book: Trucker, the big rig, loves to rule the road with his size, strength, and mighty horn. The other vehicles swerve and shake as Trucker blasts past, expecting them to follow along in awe. Then Trucker meets the louder, stronger, and kinder Train. He sees how the other vehicles gleam and swoon whenContinue reading “Trucker and Train By Hannah Stark”

Sunny’s Tow Truck Saves the Day! By Anne Marie Pace

When a family car gets a flat on the way to a picnic, help is needed and time is ticking! Cranes are lifting, and pavers are paving. Diggers are digging, and workers are waving. But where is Sunny and her trusty tow truck? I received a copy of this picture book from author Anne MarieContinue reading “Sunny’s Tow Truck Saves the Day! By Anne Marie Pace”