If Bees Disappeared Written and Illustrated by Lily Williams

Back of Book:The rolling hills and lush climate of Kent, England are home to many creatures.These creatures are fluffy, sneaky, spikey, and … small, like the bee.Though bees are small, their importance is BIG. Today there are over 250,000 species of bees but all of them are in danger. Because of disease, pesticide exposure, lackContinue reading “If Bees Disappeared Written and Illustrated by Lily Williams”

Spi-Ku: A Clutter of Short Verse on Eight Legs By Leslie Bulion Illustrated By Robert Meganck

Back of Book: Meet spiders that spit silk, roll like wheels, scuba dive, hide under trap doors, strum tunes, and so much more. Watch as they find mates, find prey…or find mates that become prey! Award-winning poet Leslie Bulion and illustrator Robert Meganck team up again for this clutter (a collective noun for spiders) ofContinue reading “Spi-Ku: A Clutter of Short Verse on Eight Legs By Leslie Bulion Illustrated By Robert Meganck”

Kaia and the Bees By Maribeth Boelts & Angela Dominguez

Back of Book: Kaia is the brave type. Like hottest-hot-pepper brave. But there is one thing that scares her: BEES! And right now, thousands of bees live on her roof because Kaia’s dad is a beekeeper. Her dad says that the world needs bees and that’s why they are beekeepers. But only he goes onContinue reading “Kaia and the Bees By Maribeth Boelts & Angela Dominguez”

Mae the Mayfly By Denise Brennan-Nelson & Florence Weiser

Back of Book:When Mae the mayfly first hatches she learns she’ll have just a day to enjoy the world. But soon a hungry trout has her racing for cover! As she peeks from her hiding spot and notices some of nature’s most beautiful sights, she realizes she must live in the moment and experience everythingContinue reading “Mae the Mayfly By Denise Brennan-Nelson & Florence Weiser”

The Bug Girl: Maria Merian’s Scientific Vision By Sarah Glenn Marsh

Back of Book: Maria Sibylla Merian was fascinated with insects. But when Maria was a girl in the mid-1600s, superstitions about bugs prevented most people from taking a close look. People thought bugs were evil—and anyone interested in such creatures was surely evil too. That didn’t stop Maria. Filled with curiosity, she began to studyContinue reading “The Bug Girl: Maria Merian’s Scientific Vision By Sarah Glenn Marsh”

Señorita Mariposa By Ben Gundersheimer

Senorita Mariposa Back of Book: Rhyming text and lively illustrations showcase the epic trip taken by the monarch butterflies. At the end of each summer, these international travelers leave Canada to fly south to Mexico for the winter–and now readers can come along for the ride! Over mountains capped with snow, to the deserts downContinue reading “Señorita Mariposa By Ben Gundersheimer”

Moth by Isabel Thomas

Back of Book: Powerful and visually spectacular, Moth is the remarkable evolution story that captures the struggle of animal survival against the background of an evolving human world. My Review: I received a copy of this picture book from Bloomsbury Press in exchange for an honest review. I was absolutely captivated by this stunning lyricalContinue reading “Moth by Isabel Thomas”

The Honeybee by Kirsten Hall

Back of Book: With zooming, vibrant verse by Kirsten Hall and buzzy, beautiful illustrations by Isabelle Arsenault, this celebration of the critically important honeybee is a honey-sweet treasure of a picture book. My Review: I love finding engaging and informational nonfiction picture books that I can share with my students. The Honeybee by Kirsten HallContinue reading “The Honeybee by Kirsten Hall”