How to Grow an Apple Pie By Beth Charles Illustrated By Katie Rewse

Back of Book:It’s easy to make an apple pie, but what does it take to make the apples? Sophie is about to find out! First, the apple trees need to be about six years old―just like Sophie. Next, they need to be pruned, and the bees have to pollinate their blossoms! After that, the tinyContinue reading “How to Grow an Apple Pie By Beth Charles Illustrated By Katie Rewse”

Amelia Bedelia’s First Apple Pie By Herman Parish

Back of Book: Amelia Bedelia loves everything about autumn. Shes shorter, and shes younger then the one you know, and her only job is having fun. But she’ll make you laugh all the same. My Review: I am so glad that author Herman Parish, reinvented the Amelia Bedelia books. His aunt wrote the originals andContinue reading “Amelia Bedelia’s First Apple Pie By Herman Parish”

The Apple Orchard Riddle Margaret McNamara

  Back of Book: Mr. Tiffin and his students from the popular How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? are back in this picture book about a school trip to an apple orchard! In this playful, humorous, and child-friendly classroom story, the students learn a lot about apples and apple orchards—including how apples are harvested, howContinue reading “The Apple Orchard Riddle Margaret McNamara”