A Frog’s Life by Irene Kelly

Back of Book: Frogs, frogs, and more frogs! This exciting survey of the world’s frog species will introduce children to varieties as diverse as the golden poison frog (the planet’s most toxic animal), the Amau frog (so tiny it’s no bigger than a housefly), and the Chinese gliding frog (which can “fly” up to 17Continue reading “A Frog’s Life by Irene Kelly”

How Do You Take a Bath? by Kate McMullan

Back of Book: Follow elephants, pigs, monkeys, hippos, and more in this charming rhyming picture book from veteran author Kate McMullan. How does a pig take a bath? It sinks in the mud! What about a chicken? It thrashes about in dust! And a cat? Why, it licks itself clean, of course! Sydney Hanson’s adorableContinue reading “How Do You Take a Bath? by Kate McMullan”

If I Had a Gryphon By Vikki VanSickle

Back of Book: Sam just got a hamster for a pet. But the hamster is kind of boring … he just eats and sleeps and gets his shavings wet. Inspired by her book of mythological creatures, Sam longs for a more exciting pet. But she soon realizes that taking care of these magical beasts mightContinue reading “If I Had a Gryphon By Vikki VanSickle”

Terrific Tongues! By Maria Gianferrari

Back of Book: In this nonfiction picture book, kids will learn about the woodpecker, which uses its tongue to burrow for insects under tree bark; the okapi, which can wash its face and ears with its tongue; and the octopus, which uses its tongue to drill holes in shells. Through debut illustrator Jia Liu’s bright,Continue reading “Terrific Tongues! By Maria Gianferrari”