Moldilocks and the Three Scares: A Zombie Tale By Lynne Marie

Back of Book: Papa Scare (a monster), Mama Scare (a mummy), and Baby Scare (a vampire) live in a haunted house where they eat finger sandwiches and alpha-bat soup. One night, they go out to walk their dog (a bloodhound, of course) to let their soup cool down. While they’re away, in walks the zombieContinue reading “Moldilocks and the Three Scares: A Zombie Tale By Lynne Marie”

A Crazy-Much Love by Joy Jordan-Lake

Back of Book: How MUCH is the crazy-much love?” This simple question is answered as two parents recount the journey of adopting their daughter and the many milestone moments that follow. From the child’s first bath and first time riding a tricycle, all the way to her boarding that big yellow bus, the crazy-much loveContinue reading “A Crazy-Much Love by Joy Jordan-Lake”

Babies Come From Airports By Erin Dealey

Back of Book: A diverse, kid’s-eye view of adoption, one special day, and familial love, Babies Come From Airports has a child-friendly rhyming text and lively and colorful illustrations filled with details. It’s a heartwarming adoption story for any and all kinds of families, steeped in love. My Review: I absolutely love reading picture booksContinue reading “Babies Come From Airports By Erin Dealey”