Black History Month

Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt By Deborah Hopkinson


Back of Book:
Clara, a slave, and seamstress on Home Plantation dreams of freedom—not just for herself, but for her family and friends. When she overhears a conversation about the Underground Railroad, she has a flash of inspiration. Using scraps of cloth from her work in the Big House and scraps of information gathered from other slaves, she fashions a map that the master would never even recognize.
My Review:
Anytime I read a story written by Deborah Hopkinson I am amazed by the depth and beauty of her stories. Sweet Clara and the Freedom is no exception. Readers will get swept away as they follow Clara on her journey to freedom. The story shows readers the creative ways that slaves would use to flee to a new land. I can see using in this book in a verity of different ways. It is an excellent introduction to the Underground Railroad. The illustrations by James Ransome capture the beauty and strength of the characters in the story. A must read story for all ages.
Ages 5 and up
40 Pages


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