Cyblis Awards 2018, Growth Mindset

Grandma Gatewood Hikes the Appalachian Trail By Jennifer Thermes

grandma gatewood

Back of Book:
Emma Gatewood’s life was far from easy. In rural Ohio, she managed a household of 11 kids alongside a less-than-supportive husband. One day, at age 67, she decided to go for a nice long walk . . . and ended up completing the Appalachian Trail. With just the clothes on her back and a pair of thin canvas sneakers on her feet, Grandma Gatewood hiked up ridges and down ravines. She braved angry storms and witnessed breathtaking sunrises. When things got particularly tough, she relied on the kindness of strangers or sheer luck to get her through the night. When the newspapers got wind of her amazing adventure, the whole country cheered her on to the end of her trek, which came just a few months after she set out.

My Review:

This is an inspiring story of one woman who decided to do the unimaginable and hike The Application Trail. Emma Gatewood was not going to let anything stop her from reaching her goal. The text does a beautiful job of describing the different types of environment that Grandma Gatewood went through. I love that maps are included in the illustrations so readers can see examples of what she hiked through. The colors are bright and detailed. The back of the book has a detailed section of notes and a timeline. This book is a strong look at the power of never giving up. A great nonfiction story that can be used to teach growth mindset in the classroom.
Ages 6 and up
48 Pages


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