Animals, Cyblis Awards 2018


Back of Book:
Timely and inspiring, The Hyena Scientist sets the record straight about one of history’s most hated and misunderstood mammals, while featuring the groundbreaking, pioneering research of a female scientist in a predominately male field in this offering by Sibert-winning duo Sy Montgomery and Nic Bishop.

As a scientist studying one of the only mammalian societies led entirely by females, zoologist Kay Holecamp has made it her life’s work to understand hyenas, the fascinating, complex creatures that are playful, social, and highly intelligent—almost nothing like the mangy monsters of pop culture lore.
My Review:
I have never studied much about hyenas and found this book to be a fantastic nonfiction text that teaches readers all about this slightly unknown animal. The book follows zoologist Kay Holecamp as she studies the resistance and intelligence of hyenas. I love that the text is broken down into chapters with easy to understand titles. Readers know what they will be reading before they read it. The color photos are beautiful and show hyenas in their natural habitats. This is an excellent book to share in classrooms and gives readers a new perspective on hyenas.
80 Pages
Ages 10 and up


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