Animals Christopher Columbus Saw: An Adventure in the New World By Sandra Markle


Back of Book: While nothing about Christopher Columbus’ journey was expected, he couldn’t have imagined feasting on roasted lizard! Through nimble writing and beautiful paintings, this series casts the past in a whole new light!
My Review: My students really enjoyed reading this book. I borrowed it from the third grade teacher for my explorer unit. I was very glad I did. Each page shows the type of animals that Columbus encountered on his journey. Animals like camels, and lizards as well as parrots are mentioned. The story also describes the sea life, such as fish, and turtles that the crew would see on their journey. I love that this book tells readers that Columbus was an explorer who helped people to understand that the world was a much bigger place then they had imagined. The author did an excellent job of bringing the details of this story to life. The illustrations are breathtaking and give readers many small details to look at throughout the story.
Ages 6 and up
32 Pages



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