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A Bike Like Sergio’s By Maribeth Boelts


Back of Book:
Ruben feels like he is the only kid without a bike. His friend Sergio reminds him that his birthday is coming, but Ruben knows that the kinds of birthday gifts he and Sergio receive are not the same. After all, when Ruben’s mom sends him to Sonny’s corner store for groceries, sometimes she doesn’t have enough money for everything on the list. So when Ruben sees a dollar bill fall out of someone’s purse, he picks it up and puts it in his pocket. But when he gets home, he discovers it’s not one dollar or even five or ten—it’s a hundred-dollar bill, more than enough for a new bike just like Sergio’s! But what about the crossed-off groceries? And what about the woman who lost her money?
My Review:
I feel like more stories like this book need to exist in children’s literature. Ruben represents the feelings that so many children in America have. Many families in the United States do not have extra money for extra things. Bikes are not a necessity in many homes. I loved the dilemma that Ruben is presented with. I believe this is an excellent story to teach children about morals, as well as empathy. Readers can discuss what they would do if they found a hundred-dollar bill. This story makes for a great writing assignment topic. I truly enjoy reading anything written by Maribeth Bolts. She has a gift of connecting readers with the emotions of the storyline. I look forward to her next story.

Ages 5 and up

40 Pages

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