The Man Who Named the Clouds By Julie Hannah and Joan Holub


Back of Book: In 1782, when Luke Howard was ten, he began keeping a weather journal to describe what he saw in the sky–he especially loved to watch the clouds. He grew up to be the man who named the clouds.

My Review:

During my weather unit, one of my students asked a very intriguing question. Who named the clouds? I thought that it was a perfect question to explore. I began to look up information on who named the clouds. What I found was a unique and well written story about the amazing Luke Howard. Luke grew up loving looking up at the sky. As he got older he began to keep a weather journal so he could make makes notes about the changes and patterns in the sky. One of the things I liked about this story was the example of a student’s weather chart that was integrated within the story. I found this story to be a great book to use as a teaching tool.

Ages 7 and up

40 Pages


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