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Apples A to Z By Margaret McNamara



Back of Book: A fun and fact-filled ABC book — all about apples. Fox, Bear, and their friends lead young readers through an apple alphabet–from apple buds and blossoms through nutrition and orchards to the X on an apple pie. Along the way, apple lovers will pick up a windfall of apple science and lore, as well as fun facts and child-friendly information. And twenty-six apple varieties are introduced, even ones for X, Y, and Z!

My Review: My first science unit that I teach is on apples. I love using several different pictures books to introduce the apple cycle, and this is one of my favorites. Each letter of the alphabet is a different apple or a different part of the apple process. I loved finding a book that taught all the different types of apples. The Fox and Bear illustrations are sweet and very cartoonish.   This is a perfect story to teach the concept of apples.

Ages 5 and up

40 Pages

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