Happy Birthday to You! by Marianne Richmond



Back of book: At last a book to celebrate one’s most special day: Happy Birthday to You!
Bouncy text and whimsical watercolor paintings offer the reader numerous options for honoring his or her big day – from eating chocolate cake for breakfast to throwing a marvelous party! Tucked within the pages, too, is a tribute to what’s really worth celebrating – the person behind the birthday!
A fun read for the young and the young-at-heart, Happy Birthday to You! sums up the purpose of this momentous day: make it extraordinary because you are!

My Review: I love my birthday probably more than most adults, so I understand the excitement   that children have on their special day. This book is a sweet story that celebrates all the fun things that children may want to do on their birthdays. Things like eating cake for breakfast or having a fun party with friends. This is the kind of story that children will want to hear every year on their birthday.

Ages 4 and up

36 pages

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