No Jumping on the Bed by Tedd Arnold



Back of book: When Walter’s father said “no jumping on the bed” he meant it. But did Walter listen?

My review: I love this story! This is a book that all children can relate to. I think every parent has told their children not to jump on the bed. I know I tell my nephews not to on a regular basis. This is the story of a little boy who jumps on the bed even after he is told not to, only this time he crashes through the floor and sets off a chain of events that will have kids cracking up.  After each floor Walter adds another person with him until they all reach the bottom.  This is one of those books that can be read at bedtime but is not necessarily a bedtime story.  It has awesome illistrutions and I enjoy the small details in each page.

Ages 4 and up

32 pages

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